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T is for Technology and FinTech

Technology and FinTech  The FinTech Market The FinTech (“financial technology”) market is alive and well, and the largest group of users are tech-savvy millennial’s. It comes as no surprise that a generation raised using the assistance of smartphones and apps would indeed continue to seek to utilize apps in adulthood. The Fintech industry has offered…

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D is for Digital Technology, and it’s Drain on Finances

In a world driven by technology, we are continually intrigued by the latest and coolest gadgets. Many of us gain great pleasure when we update our old devices for newer models.  And relish the potential life improvements it brings us. But have we considered how technology drains our savings and investment accounts; especially when technological…

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F is for Failing to Protect Digital Identity When Using Smartphones

  Many of us are relying on our smartphones for a variety of uses every day. Our phones store emails, contact information, photos and other personal information. They give us quick entry to the internet and provide us with easy access to our banking, investment accounts, social media sites and shopping. Yes, this makes many…

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P is for Protecting Ourselves Online

Protecting Ourselves Online    Cyber Crime continues to be a growing threat, yet it will not deter millions around the world from using the internet. After all, the internet has opened the doors of worldwide communication. Today we can connect, communicate and share information with a click of a button. We can listen to music,…

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Z is for, When will we reach a Zillion App Downloads?

Considering we now have 4.7 million apps on the market it may be sooner than we think. Are there times you find yourself thinking “there must be an app for that” well you’re not alone? It seems more and more of us are shopping the app stores for useful, creative and just plain fun apps…

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N is for Never Neglect Your Digital Imprint

In today’s high tech world we have the ability to gain information, send messages, and shop for goods all with the click of a few buttons. However, every time we search, post or buy we are leaving a digital track which is then data mined by the browser, app or service. This data gives data…

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V is for The Value of Virtual Assets in our Digital World

As Fiduciary Financial Planners we create financial plans with our client’s individual needs and best interest in mind. Today we also have a growing responsibility to not only protect and grow their portfolio but to also educate and ensure they have a plan in place to manage and protect their digital assets. Virtual assets may…

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K is for Kickstart your Business using the Power of Social Media

In society, there are still some small business owners that believe social media is trivial. As the world constantly changes, marketing techniques continue to evolve. Today, billions of people worldwide are using social media.  No longer are billboards, print ads, and mass mailings the only way to advertise. At Zuraw Financial Advisors we learned to…

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T is for Tell me what does Internet of “Things” (IoT) mean exactly?

  “The Internet of things has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did. Maybe even more so.” — Kevin Ashton The Internet of Things or “IoT” is a phrase that describes the merging of connected devices and applications which participate together on the internet. All of these connected devices are being…

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Y is for You & Your Mobile Device

As humans we have basic essential needs – food, clothing, shelter, community. Has it become possible that a mobile device or cell phone has been added to this list? Look around, they are in billions of hands around the globe. Humans are glued to their cell phones even when they have the opportunity to interact…

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