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A is for A to Z Guide to Self-Care

A to Z Guide to Self-Care and a Happier You

A is for A to Z Guide to Self-Care A is for Ask for help, we all need support at times. B is for Become aware of inner thinking. C is for Change thoughts that are negative. D is for Drink lots of water, it’s good for you. E is for Eat Healthy and Exercise…

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C is for Charitable Giving and Choosing Well

Charitable Giving and Navigating the Best Choice

Giving to charity can be rewarding and satisfying, especially when you know that your hard earned money is going to help those you choose and it‘s not getting lost in the organizations operation cost. Choosing a Charity However, there are so many charities to choose from and knowing which ones are reputable is not an…

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D is For Diminished Identities Of Women Need To Be Rewritten


As a women entrepreneur, I have witnessed many moments where a woman’s worth is based mostly on having a husband and children. That identity usually comes before any other deserving accolades. This happens at conferences, workshops, award ceremonies in the workplace and social gatherings. Yet, I do not seem to remember the last time a…

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F is For Facebook Is Not Concerned with Privacy

Face it, we’ve all heard the breaking story of a firm taking the personal information of 50 million unsuspecting Facebook users back in 2015. Since then the debate continues regarding data security on social media and Facebook is front and center. As Facebook users, we must now be cautious and aware of the potential misuse…

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G is for Getting the Most Out of Your Credit Card

To reap the benefits of using a credit card make sure you choose a credit card with paybacks.  You want a credit card that will reward you well, charge no annual fee or perhaps a reasonable yearly fee that allows you to earn the rewards you desire. Whether you have a travel credit card, cash…

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K is for Knowing How to Avoid Senior Scams

According to the U.S. Treasury Department scams of every kind are on the rise, but particularly those aimed at seniors. There is a loud voice in the media calling to protect our seniors from fraud, as well as Federal and state regulations that enforce implementation of safe practices to financial institutions; however, we still need…

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L is for Living While Saving for Your Future

How do you live life to the fullest right now, and at the same time save for the future? It’s called planning – and for some, it’s an easy task, as these are the savers. But if your natural inclination is to spend impulsively, it may take some reconditioning for you to manage expenses while…

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M is for Making Landfall, What We Learned from Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence made landfall in Wilmington, North Carolina in the early morning and North Carolinian’s experienced this hurricane in a huge and devastating way. It was massive in size, and it lingered for days bringing catastrophic wind, heavy rains and flooding to a large area of the Carolina’s, disrupting the lives of millions. Due to…

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N is for Never Say Sorry When You Don’t Mean It

Do you find yourself saying you’re sorry repeatedly even when there is nothing to be sorry about? Saying your sorry is common among both male and females, but studies have found men apologize less frequently than women. The reason given is that women may consider certain situations more offensive than their male counterpart. Saying we’re…

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