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P is for Planning a Family Reunion on a Budget

We would all love to have a family reunion in some exotic location at a luxury resort, but most of us can’t afford this extravagance. Years ago, when families stayed near one another, it was easy to have simple reunions at home where everyone would bring a dish and stories to share. Today, however, many…

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G is for Growing Interest in “Impact Investing” with Millennial’s

Impact investing refers to investments. Investments, “made with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.” It differs from socially responsible investing (SRI). Which only seeks to avoid investments in companies with poor environmental and social practices. Impact investing goes a step further by investing in businesses based on…

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O is for Opt to Save Money on Summer Fun

Summer is once again upon us, and as the temperatures rise many find their expenses rising too. Between children’s summer activities, childcare, day camps, and providing the family with a memorable vacation, your savings account may take a hit. But consider this, the weather in all its glory can help you find lots of outdoor…

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P is for the Potential Pitfalls of Parent Direct Plus Loans

The cost of college has been soaring, and so has the amount of student loan debt. We all want our kids to go to college but at what cost? Let’s talk about the dangers of one student loan in particular “The Parent Direct PLUS Loan.” This specific loan is one that parents should be wary…

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T is for Time to Teach Your Children About Money

As parents, our number one goal is to raise children with good manners and stellar ethics. We strive to pass on the importance of hard work, accountability, and discipline to our children. We want to encourage the best behaviors so that they find their passion and enjoy a full and happy life. Unfortunately, we can’t…

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S is for Smart Students Utilize Free Resources  

Most students fail to take full advantage of the free resources their college provides. Yes free!  These abundant, amazing, and free opportunities will be hard to find all in one place when you enter the workforce.  So be a savvy student and learn all you can about these resources and take advantage of them now…

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X is for: Are you setting a good financial eXample for your Kids?

  “Don’t worry that your children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” —Robert Fulghum To truly teach and instill financial responsibility in your child it is best to lead by eXample, eXample, eXample! When you place value on hard work and sensible money management skills, you show your kids the…

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Z is for Generation Z and What to Expect From Their Generation

As a new generation of Americans begins to move toward adulthood, there is a growing interest in their behaviors and lifestyle choices. How will this new Generation Z, or “post-Millennials” (those born in the mid-1990s to about 2025) influence and shape the United States workforce? Even though the jury is still out and will be…

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